Thursday, 12 July 2012

Travel Plans!

We just booked our tickets to fly to Tangiers in August! Our trip is 10 days total - 7 work days. We are going to fly direct to Barcelona, spend the weekend there, and then fly to Tangiers on Sunday. Our plan is to work on our project from Sunday to Friday, and fly to Madrid for the second weekend, and then back home.

We booked Air Transat for the round trip Europe trip, and Air Arabia Maroc for the trip from Barcelona to Tangiers. We haven't booked Tangiers-Madrid yet but I think we will fly Ryanair. I kind of want to wait to book it until we are in Tangiers and we have more information re: the project, but I don't want to get stuck in Tangiers either!

It was hard to try and guess how long the project is going to take us, because we don't know how many books there are, or how long each book will take to photograph. Once we have the equipment, we will set up a trial run here in Toronto to see how long we can expect it will take to photograph the books. We figured a week with 8 hour days will be a good first go at it and then we'll go back to do whatever is left in Tangiers and start on registries in other Moroccan Jewish communities.

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