Saturday, 25 August 2012

Last day in Tangiers - Bittersweet

Friday was our last day in Tangiers before we flew to Madrid for the weekend. We had a few hours in the morning before our flight, so we thought we would head back to the old Jewish cemetery to try to find my great-grandmother's grave. I am not sure she is definitely buried there, but I saw a note in one of the books that said her name and "Rue Portugal" as the location of her grave, so that's all we had to go by. We headed down these stairs built with accessibility in mind (imagine them on a rainy day!) and past the chicken market (avian flu city) to the cemetery.

We seriously checked every grave in that cemetery - and no luck. It was not as hot at is was on Wednesday so we were able to spend more time, but it didn't make a difference. It also didn't help that the lady who lives on the cemetery property to guard it followed us around the entire time with her dog and was not happy with her first five dirham tip so we had to get some more change before we left. We did see the genizah which is located in the section of the cemetery for the Kohanim (priests) which we hadn't seen before.

Then it was time for one more coffee. See if you can spot Eli.

It was time to say goodbye to the El Mizah, which was fine with both of us. Its a nice hotel, but the staff are over/underwhelming, to say the least. Fourteen waiters wearing fez hats standing around and it still takes an hour and 15 euro to get a coffee.

And then off to Ibn Batotuta International Airport for the flight to Madrid.

We made it to Madrid about an hour before Shabbat. This is the view from our hotel room on Gran Via.

Tonight we walked around the city and stopped for beers in a bar that also had karaoke. This was the one english song.

One more day in Madrid...

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Remittance Girl said...

I'm sad to say that my experience in the Jewish cemetery was even more curtailed than yours. The woman who clearly lives there with her kids and her laundry was hostile and shooed us out, even when the guy at the gate let us in.

Honestly, I think she's decided it's her yard, and to hell with any visitors.